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Complete your level 1 assistant & level 2 swimming teacher courses with access to discounted training, ongoing mentorship & payment options.

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What is the swimming teacher academy?

We offer the opportunity for interested learners to begin their training as a swimming teacher without the need for any upfront cost. Successful learners will be enrolled onto their swimming teacher assistant course (level 1) and then also their swimming teacher course (level 2). This means they leave the training academy ready to start work as a swimming teacher.

The level 1 course usually costs £350 and the level 2 course typically costs £650 making the value of the training qualifications worth £1000. To support learners Three Whistles are reducing the cost by 20% bringing the amount the learners pays down to £800 per learner. A key benefit of the academy is that the amount is not paid upfront. Instead the learner will have a 12 month payment deadline (from date of enrolment) and the learner can pay off the amount at anytime within that period. This payment is often made once the learner has found a job using their new qualifications and earning money. Payments can be made in up to 3 separate instalments, spread out to suit the applicant.

The qualifications earned are nationally recognised (Awarded by Swim England Qualifications) and will enable you to apply for a job as a swimming teacher across the UK (And in many cases abroad too). We can not guarantee work after your training but we will certainly help to signpost you towards our partner venues once you are qualified. Pay per hour varies from site to site however you can expect to receive approx £15-£20 per hour as a level 2 swimming teacher across the North West of England.

In addition to the payment options you will also receive the benefit of follow up sessions once you enter the world of swim teaching. These are supportive visits at your selected venue within the first 6 months of your new role. These are designed to provide you with ongoing feedback and help to build upon your newly attained knowledge. We want you to be the best possible swim teacher you can be, so we will keep in touch regularly.

From the moment you are qualified you can begin to earn money without fulfilling any voluntary hours.

When will my training begin?

We regularly run our courses each month and you will be able to enrol onto any of the available places as soon as you have been successfully accepted into our academy. You can then select 1 x level 1 course and 1 x level 2 course. These courses may take place at different venues if you wish.


There is no minimum time needed between each course however your mentor will share their recommendations following your level 1 assistant course.

You must be 16 years of age or older to apply for the training academy as this is the entry age for both qualifications.

All successful applicants will receive an email informing them of the next steps.

Not all applicants will be successful.

Applications for 2024 must be submitted before the deadline of 30th April 2024

Apply for the Three Whistles swimming teacher academy

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