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The SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) Qualification is a practical qualification to start your career in swimming. It will give you the skills needed to become an assistant swimming teacher.


Who is the qualification for?

This qualification is for individuals that want to start a career in swimming. You may be looking to assist a level 2 swimming teacher or perhaps take a small group of swimmers under the supervision of a level 2 swimming teacher. All swim schools operate differently and there are a variety of roles available for a level 1 assistant swimming teacher.

This course takes place over 4 days, usually on weekends or during half term holidays.

The guided learning hours for this course are 26 hours.

There may be some self study required for this course taking the total time to 30 hours.


You will learn about:

  • The legal aspects of assisting in swimming lessons

  • The responsibilities of a Swimming Assistant

  • The learn to swim frameworks

  • Scientific principles of swimming

  • What makes up a lesson plan, equipment and communications skills

  • How to identify anxiety and use of motivational techniques

  • The type of assistance you can provide

  • Identify your next career steps

Entry Requirements
You must be 16 years or older on the first day of the course.


This course requires you to complete.

  • Theoretical questions

  • Observation record

  • Review record


This qualification is not graded. You will either pass or be referred. You have 12 months from the start of your course to complete the required evidence.

What could the qualification lead to?
The qualification may also enable individuals to progress to other higher-level aquatics based qualifications within the sector such as:

• SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming
• SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming to Babies and Toddlers
• SEQ Level 3 Swim Coordinator

It may also enable individuals to seek employment and/or progression within the wider sport and active leisure sector or a related industry.

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