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The SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming Qualification builds on your level 1 qualification and will give you the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to become a swimming teacher.

It also includes participation in a minimum of six 30-minute, real-life swimming lessons to gain hands on practical experience.


Who is this qualification for?

The SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification is for individuals that want to progress from their:
• SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) qualification, or
• SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming to Babies and Toddlers qualification
In order to enable them to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to teach swimming lessons.

This course takes place over 8 days, usually on weekends or during half term holidays.

The guided learning time for this course is 52 hours.

You may be required to complete some self study taking this overall course time to 62 hours.


You will learn about:

  • The responsibilities and role of a swimming teacher

  • How the scientific principles of swimming impact on learners development

  • How to develop core aquatic skills and the four strokes

  • How to identify and correct common swimming faults

  • How to assess ability and use a variety of teaching techniques and equipment to suit different needs

  • How to plan and deliver inclusive lessons for different levels of ability. Includes adaptations for learners with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • Key teaching and management skills including class management and assessment, safety and safeguarding, time management and organisational skills, behaviour management, communication skills, teaching methods and motivational techniques

  • National curriculum swimming lessons and how they differ from learn to swim lessons

  • How to plan for your professional development

By the end of this course, you will be able to independently plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate a series of swimming lessons.

Entry Requirements
You must be 16 years or older on the first day of the course.

You must hold a level 1 swim teaching certificate or equivalent.


This course requires you to complete.

  • Theoretical questions

  • Observation record

  • Self Evaluations

  • Lesson Plans x 6

  • Schemes of work x 2

This qualification is not graded. You will either pass or be referred.

You will have 12 months from the course start date to complete all your work.

What could this qualification lead to?

The qualification may also enable individuals to progress to other aquatics based qualifications or higher qualifications within the sport such as:
• SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming to Babies and Toddlers
• SEQ Level 2 Coaching Open Water Swimming
• SEQ Level 3 Swim Coordinator
It may also enable individuals to seek employment within the sport and active leisure sector or another related industry.

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